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Looking to meet New People? Build your friends circle, meet like-minded individuals, Engage yourself in Live Video call and Live chats.

DC Livee is a social network for broadcasting live video. Users of this application can broadcast videos from their own Android devices as well as watch broadcasts from other users, leaving comments and likes in real time. The way DC Livee works is very similar to other social networks. That is to say, you can follow other users, so if they start a live broadcast, you'll receive an instant notification; and, of course, other users can also follow you and get a notification whenever you start broadcasting, too. Each time you broadcast something, you'll earn coins and experience that you can use to level up. The coins can be used to buy all kinds of stickers and other fun add-ons that you can use during your broadcasts. DC Livee is a modern and fun social network, thanks to which you can meet new people and, above all else, have some fun watching entertaining broadcasts.



Users of Dc livee can make and share 15-second multi- clip videos with music using the Reels function. Users can also add artistic elements like writing, effects, and hashtags. Reels in Dc livee is an interactive music platform that enables users to create their own personalized music mixes

Private Room

A private room in Dc livee is a private space where you can enjoy the best of the virtual music and entertainment experience with your friends and family. It includes private live shows, exclusive access to the latest releases, and a private chatroom for you and your guests.


Allow them to record the same using their phones and add their own voice to uploaded audio tracks. DC Livee is an audio streaming platform that allows users to listen to and share music, podcasts and other audio content. By using DC Livee, users can browse through a wide variety of audio content and listen to their favorite music, podcasts and other audio content from around the world.


User-created or user-shot profile videos are available for upload. Users can alter their recorded video clip using a variety of facts and filters.DC Livee is an interactive, live streaming platform that connects people from all over the world. With a variety of features, it allows users to create, share and watch videos in real-time. It also allows users to engage in live conversations with their viewers and friends

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is a strategic game of economic development and resource management. The game requires players to build their own amusement park by buying attractions, managing resources, and competing against their opponents to become the most successful park. Players must balance the cost of building and maintaining attractions and the competition of other parks.


DC Livee is a series of virtual events that bring together leading experts, entrepreneurs, and professionals from around the world to share their insights and experiences on various topics. Through live webinars, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, participants gain valuable networking and collaboration opportunities, as well as access to valuable resources that can help them grow their businesses.